Monday, September 24, 2012

DIY: Spray Painted Pumpkins

It's finally fall which means the decor around my house is changing a little. I like to decorate around seasons and holidays a little bit, but I don't go to the point where I'm swapping out wall art or anything like that.

 Please excuse my horrendous drawing skills.

While at Dollar Tree last weekend (great place to find cheap craft items to makeover, by the way) picking up some party supplies, I spotted some fake pumpkins and knew I could make them look much better than they did then.

I've seen lots of different pumpkin reformations on Pinterest and I've always liked the metallic ones. They just look cool and classy and don't scream "HALLOWEEN" like a bright orange pumpkin does. I also wanted to try chalkboard paint on some, so I did that, too.

I had all of the spray paint on hand from previous projects and thankfully the faux pumpkins took the spray paint like champs.

The supplies:
 Pumpkins bought at Dollar Tree

 Leftover spray paint from various projects

Final products:

 Seriously love this hurricane vase I got at Goodwill a while back. It's an awesome year-round centerpiece!

For $1 each, I like them! Plus, they are versatile and can be used in a variety of ways in the future. I thought I would like the metallic ones the best, but I think the chalkboard pumpkins turned out really cute.

Also, how adorable are these stuffed pumpkins my mom made?

She's been making these for a few years now and selling them at local craft shows. When she got married last year, she made about 100 of them and let people take them home, so that's where I snagged these.

I have a few more Halloween things to put out, but I think it's too early for that stuff, so the pumpkins will be it for now.

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