Friday, September 14, 2012

DIY: Fall Wreath

Fall is in the air, so of course I had to create a new fall wreath for our door.

I love making wreathes, but the problem is, our door faces the sun all day and the heat from the sun melts the hot glue I use. I am currently looking into other glue options. I need to have stuff on my door!

I have a door hanging for pretty much every season and holiday. I've accumulated them over the past few years, mostly from Goodwill, and now I make my own.

Some of my collection...

Here are a few of the door hangings I've made in the past:

For my fall wreath, I used a small straw wreath from Goodwill (leave the plastic wrap on this type of wreath! Those things shed like crazy. Plus, if you leave the plastic on, you can cut off the current materials and reuse it later if you get sick of your first design.) I wrapped it in a pretty yellow yarn, but in the end, I could have skipped this step since I covered the yard anyway. 

I had some fake leaf garland leftover from something that I wasn't going to use anywhere, so I started cutting some of the leaves off and arranging them around the wreath. Once I had a "pattern" (loose term), I hot glued them to the wreath. The garland also had some little fake berries on it, so I used those too.

Final product: 

Never mind the fact that half the leaves had melted off by the middle of the next day... Crafter fail. I always hope that the hot glue will hold up, but it never does, which is the reason I'm looking into high temperature tolerant glues!

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  1. Really cute! I miss having an outside front door to decorate (I'm in a high rise now and no one decorates here) - your wreath looks great!