Monday, December 3, 2012

DIY: Painted Bathrooms

Over the summer, I painted our master bathroom (hard to call it that when it's about 6' wide by 7' long) and over Thanksgiving weekend I painted our guest bathroom. So now I have two bathrooms, a front door and our shutters that are the same color but I don't care. I love the color! 

It's called Impetuous Sea by Dutch Boy. I still have 1/3 gallon after painting two rooms with two coats each, our front door and our shutters. This stuff is super thick because it's primer + paint and it covers really well. A little spendy (about $35 for a gallon), but I think it was worth it. I wonder what will get painted navy next? 

Guest bathroom before:

Ignore the hideous countertops..

And after:


So in love with my new shower curtain from Target.

The only before and after photo I have of our 'master' bathroom is this Instagram picture, so it'll have to do.

The nice thing about having two bathrooms with the same paint is that I can use the same gray hand towels in each instead of having two different sets. Gray and navy were our wedding colors, so I obviously like the combo.

We still have one more half bath that could use some new paint, but it's in the basement and is usually only used by me and the Mr. so it will probably wait.

Oh, and since I mentioned the front door, I have a new winter wreath that I made!

Digging it.

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