Wednesday, August 15, 2012

DIY: Decorated Onesies

I've had so many friends have babies in the last year or so that I wanted to come up with a cute, homemade gift that I could give them. I'd seen these adorable onesies all over with either a necklace for a girl or a tie for a boy.

How cute is this little guy?
Source: via JayMi on Pinterest

And for the girls...

I didn't attempt the boy one for a while because I don't know how to sew and most of the tutorials involved sewing the tie to the onesie. However, I found the non-sewers God send while perusing the aisles of Jo-Ann Fabrics one day.

Steam-A-Seam!! It's a permanent, washable, iron-on fusing. Can you hear the angels singing?

After I found this amazingness, I knew it was time to get cracking on those little boy onesies! 

I bought a few men's button down shirts from Goodwill that had good tie patterns and got started. 

I found a tie pattern online and traced it onto some cardboard, then traced that onto the fabric. Usually men's ties have strips that go diagonally, so I made sure to trace the fabric that way to make it more realistic. 

I also bought some Fray Check and ran it along the edges of the fabric so the tie wouldn't fray in the wash. 

Fray Check and tie pattern. 

Then I put the Steam-A-Seam sheet on the back of the fabric and pressed the iron on it (using a piece of wax paper between the iron and the fusing). 

Peel the wax paper off the fusing and you're ready to iron your tie to the onesie. 

A few tips:
  • I cut a piece of cardboard to put between the two layers of the onesie just to protect the back of it from any excess fusing you might have.
  • I lined up the tie on the onesie and then put a thin towel over it before putting the iron on top. Again, just a little layer of protection from any residue you might have on your iron
  • After the tie was nice and secure, I used the tip of the iron to rub down the edges of the tie really well (no towel between iron and tie). 
Some of my results: 

Source: via Malisa on Pinterest

For the girls, all you need is some fabric paint and a few felt flowers glued to a pin and you have an adorable necklace onesie! 

I just dipped the end of a Sharpie and the end of a paint brush  into the paint to get the different sized circles. 

Source: via Malisa on Pinterest

I had more pictures of the kiddos wearing my creations, but then I accidentally wiped my phone and lost all of my pictures! :(

I think these are just adorable for baby gifts and are very easy too!

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