Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DIY: Faux Wood Vases

I made these vases last year after seeing a tutorial on a blog that I read daily (I can't remember which one, so I apologize!). It was getting close to winter and I thought these would be really cool on some shelves in my living room filled with wintery branches.

I have about a billion leftover 9" tall vases from our wedding, so I was happy to put a few of them to use.

And, I actually took pictures of this in progress for some reason, so you'll see more than just the final outcome for once!

I just used some craft glue and drew the tree bark pattern right on the vases. 

Then I spray painted over that. 

This was a really easy and cheap project since I had all of the supplies already. You could also use hot glue to draw the bark, but a bottle of glue was easier to control for me. 

I don't have a photo of them in action, but when I bust them out this winter, I'll be sure to post one. I also think these would be really cute as centerpieces for a wedding that was more rustic or laid back. 

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