Thursday, June 28, 2012

Crafting on the cheap

As much as I love crafting and wish I could do it all day every day, it's not a cheap hobby to have. Almost every project requires a trip or two to Michael's, Jo-Ann or Home Depot and all of the materials add up, especially if you're buying everything needed to create something. I haven't yet gotten into building projects, so thankfully I don't have lumber to purchase, but spray paint gets expensive, too!

I have always had a love of scrounging around Goodwill to find hidden treasures that I could turn into masterpieces. Since moving into a house and having a lot of walls to fill, Goodwill has become my closest friend. I go at least every other week (on Sunday since that's 50% off a color tag) to see what I can find for the house and I have scored some awesome things (to me, at least)!

Here are some of my favorite things to get at Goodwill that help me craft:

  • Picture frames: in my opinion, one of the best offerings of Goodwill. I'd say 75% of the frames in my house are from there. They always have unique shapes and designs that I can spray paint to fit whatever room they are going in to. 

Ombre hearts frame, white frame and canvas from Goodwill. 
(Canvas and white frame spray painted by me.)

Ombre specimen art in bathroom. Frame from Goodwill for $1.50. 
  • Fabric for crafts: I make little onesies with a necktie on them and I get the men's dress shirts to cut up at Goodwill. They also usually have a great selection of old table cloths and other fabric that can be cut up for crafts. 
  • Wreaths: The usually have a good collection of ugly door wreaths that can be stripped and repurposed to make all of those cute yarn wreaths you see on Pinterest. I've bought two small wreaths recently for $.99. 
  • Home decor: A lot of the home decor is junky and outdated, but there are definitely some treasures to be found.  
Pottery Barn Hurricane Vase for $6.99
Fork and Spoon in background for about $1.50 each

  • Vases: There are always tons of vases at Goodwill and a lot of them are milk glass, which I think is super cute. I got two of these cuties last year and I think they are one of my favorite Goodwill finds of all time!
Around $2

  • Furniture: I actually haven't purchased much furniture from Goodwill, but I always see cool and unique pieces around here. I haven't gotten into the whole repurposing and painting furniture thing yet, but I want to try it soon. I have bought a $5 small outdoor table that I spray painted black and put my plants on and a stool to use for crafting at the counter for $2.50. Good deals in my book! 

I'm praising Goodwill so much that it sounds like I'm getting paid by them, but I assure you, I am not! I just like crafting on the cheap and find that Goodwill is a great place to start to get some of the 'base' pieces to use for crafting projects. 

I also like to use free online prints to fill the frames or frame things that are meaningful to my husband and I. I don't want the same Target artwork as 50,000 other people; I want something meaningful to show our personality.

In addition to my Goodwill obsession, of course I shop at Michael's and Jo-Ann Fabric when necessary. But seriously, if you EVER buy something for full-price at either store, you are crazy. There is not a day of the week/month/year that they don't have a sale going on or a 40%-50% off coupon sitting right at the front of the store in their circular. I personally find that Jo-Ann has more of the things I need than Michael's, but Michael's has a much better selection of canvases and craft painting supplies.

Other than those stores mentioned, of course garage sales can be a great resource as well as Ikea, if you have one near you.

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